this is how things start… snowballing

So I met this old friend of mine on Facebook, we started to write on eachother’s wall, and then we sent message to each other and after that we exchanged our numbers. We talked on the phone a bit and started to add eachother’s YM ID. We chat and we chat. We flirt a little bit and we flirt a little bit more. And then we met in person and had lunch together. We couldn’t stop flirting during lunch until i reached my cellphone and called my spouse saying that I’m going to be home late. Then we went to a hotel and slept together. No feelings involved. Just casual sex. Not gonna hurt anybody.

What you don’t know won’t kill you!


We met again once. Again… And again… And again. Still casual sex, only this time the guilty feeling strikes. I lied to cover lies to cover lies. The spouse is starting to sniff something. Peanut. All i need to do is Lying.

What you don’t know won’t kill you!

We keep on seeing eachother. Keep on enjoying eachother. I lie more. The spouse seems gotten more depressed. I think it’s not about me. It’s probably only about life. Life’s depressing, right? It’s no big deal cheating on your spouse once and two.

What they don’t know won’t kill them!

One day, I called home saying that I won’t be home, tonite. Some out town official duty.  Can’t stop imagining how am I gonna spend the night in this suburban hotel. How steamy and sweaty this night’s gonna get. Can’t help but drooling over.  And The spouse sounds fine with it. Nobody needs to know what’s going on inside my head. Because, Hey…

What they don’t know won’t kill them!

I’m coming home this morning, feeling refreshed and satisfied. I know I’ve been lying to my spouse a lot. And I know I can’t always do that to the spouse. I think I’m going to stop the lies and the cheating. I’m going to be good. I think I’ve had enough. I know I’ve been full of it these times. But I think it’s worth it. I am now refreshed, and ready to start a new journey with my real spouse.

Opening the door I wonder the silence captured my mind. I start shivering. I called and called and called, no answer. I shouted, and still no answer. I ran upstairs in haste. Opened our bedroom door and can’t help to scream out of my lungs. There… lying in the puddle of blood… my spouse… the love of my live, with an ugly wound across the neck. Deep and horrifying with empty eyes wide open. I found a bloody knife in the right hand, and wedding ring save in left hand. I scream, I called. No answer. Silence.

It’s not worth it….

It’s really not worth it…

So I guess what she doesn’t know kills her.


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2 responses to “this is how things start… snowballing

  1. wow…snowbolling. begin with single small step…

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