lost in reality

Damn how i miss being me. ive drowned too much in reality. Being the real me, meeting real people, listening to real bullshits, and talking real nothing!

I think too much positivity is killing me. Killing Eve. I miss this dark side of me.



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7 responses to “lost in reality

  1. there’s a big big big smile on my face when I read this..hahaha..I’m really glad everything’s working out just fine for you,dear *hugs*..btw,is this positivity thing will change this blog template into pink maybe??hahaha..

  2. Ria

    being an evil in one time is ok….tapi jangan keterusan ya 😀

  3. Eru

    Come my brethen,
    to the darkness and beyond.. *hissing*

    Big smile of happy, or LMAO ROFL ROFL stey?
    Pink? hmm mungkin ditambah dengan motif polkadot here and there..

  4. eve

    bunga2 dong ahhh… bunga2 ama gambar2 dolar gitu mungkin? jhahahehehe

  5. @eru : off course big smile of happy and a little LMAO hahaha..with polkadot??Kyaaaaaa…cute banget..*ditendang eve*

  6. real or not real, it is still you, dear 🙂

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