my lil corner

suddenly i realize that i love this lil corner much. because this is where i really live my life. this is where i can put my mind away from all the pain. all memories. this corner is like the only shelter for me when no body would be. this is the real world.

so lets face it!



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6 responses to “my lil corner

  1. maksud nya enggak jadi pindah rumah mbak??

  2. EvilGenius

    little corner = small cubicle di kantor tempat dimana bisa bobo2 siang dengan tenang tanpa gangguan? atau little corner = toilet? *grin*

  3. Eru

    Face the corner? Face the world?

  4. love ur header..

  5. eve

    @stey : I knew you would… 😀

  6. ini rumah lamanya maksudnya say??… or what???

    tapi emang tempat yg mengingatkan kita pada kenangan2 lama suka bikin hati kita adem ya bokkkk…

    hmmmm… feel the air of your love here…

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