the same old brand new me?

new, darker. this is the new me. no, actually i am back to the old me. bitter, painful and unhappy.



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9 responses to “the same old brand new me?

  1. Eru Reed

    Still you (at least)

  2. kembali ke khitah?

  3. tulisan di header-nya ngena banget

  4. Eka

    Why you’re unhuppy??
    keep smile yaaaa

  5. eve….
    kan masih ada daku…
    cheer up a little bit lah…

  6. dikecapin donk eve, biar manis

  7. dwi

    some people are always have a negative feeling and can not be out from it. so they have to learning to live and deal with it as a part of their daily life.

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